Make the right choice with services from our company.

Company History

Before starting Warren Construction Inc., our owner and CEO, Jack R. Miller worked for several other companies specializing in insurance restorations. After working in the industry for several years, Jack realized that the job could be done quicker, better, more efficiently, and with a more caring touch. This was his driving force behind establishing his own company, Warren Construction Inc.

After 20 years and hundreds of satisfied customers, the same goals continue to motivate us. Each project is important to us, regardless of the extent of the damages or physical location of the property. We put the same dedication and enthusiasm into the smaller repairs as we do the larger ones.

There for You When You Need Us

There are many restoration companies available, few specializing in insurance restorations. At Warren Construction Inc., we know that this is a difficult and overwhelming time for you. Make the right choice with services from our company.

We realize that our customers reach out to us because of a disaster impacting your life and property negatively. Knowing this, we realize the importance of caring customer service, in addition to overall quality of work and professionalism. Our staff employs our visions and carries out the quality of service you seek and deserve to help you return to normalcy.